The church comes under fire in Nepal.

By October 4, 2005

Nepal (MNN)–An urgent prayer request comes from the Baptist World Alliance’s Nepali team.

At the end of August, Maoist leaders locked the doors of the Dingla Baptist Church, because the pastor refused to pay money or allow young men to join the rebel’s cause.

According to the report from the denomination’s conflict resolution team, the church has its own church building through the leadership of the pastor Abishan Rai.

Six months ago, Maoist rebels asked the pastor for money and when he did not give it to them, they closed the church. They promised to keep it shut until their demands are met.

Unfortunately, this situation is not unusual. The political unrest means churches are closed when the rebels shut down areas of the land, and pastors beaten or imprisoned.

Yet the Church continues to grow. They hope to see 1000 new churches planted by 2010.

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