The church in Kenya casts its vision for growth.

By October 12, 2004

Kenya (MNN)–Plans for the evangelization of East Africa took a big step forward this month.

E3 Partners Nathan Sheets says one of their goals is to help the East Africans plant 50 new churches. The mission for East Africa is simple: conduct evangelism training and deploy EvangeCubes to personally present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to four million unbelieving East Africans in 2004.

Evangecube teams had the tools and the motivation. “It’s really the intentionality of going in and partnering with the existing church to help equip them to evangelize their communities and to establish new churches. So we went over and we were part of two pastor’s training conferences–one in Nairobi, and one in Addis Ababa.”

Sheets says one man took a team of 30 men from Nairobi into western Kenya to do Evangecube training. What happened next was nothing short of a amazing. “They went out and they partnered with 15 churches there around in that community. Over a weeks’ time, they had over 6,940 people come to the Lord, one on one. Those weren’t just people who came to the Lord and then fell off, but they, in partnering with those 15 churches, they were able to funnel those people for discipleship.”

Continue to pray for Africa’s spiritual awakening and for wisdom and discernment as we plan this strategy.

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