The church in Senegal growing

By August 12, 2004

Senegal (MNN) — The church is growing in large numbers among a specific people group in Senegal, West Africa. CB International’s Glenn Kendall says they’re known as the Serer (sur-RARE) peoples, strongly fetish until just recently. Now many are turning to Christ.

Kendall says there are several reasons why there’s been so much success. “You have experienced missionaries who set the foundation for ministry – people coming to Christ. Then you have key gifted nationals who are using culturally appropriate methods to help the church grow. And, then you have external help from American Christians,” says Kendall.

That doesn’t mean the story is over for the Serer people. Kendall says, “While the church among the Serer people is growing 15 to 20-percent per year right now, it’s starting from such relatively small base that there’s just many thousands of people yet to come to Christ.”

The Serer believers aren’t just looking at their own people for outreach, their looking to the unreached Wolof, where believers are few. “Of the few Wolof who are now coming to Christ, some of its coming through western missionary presence and some of it’s coming through intentional outreach by Serer people.”

CB International is taking the lead in translating Scripture into the Wolof. Personnel and funding are needed to help foster even more growth in Senegal. Kendell says short-term teams are also needed.

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