The CosmoVision Center celebrates 15 years of ministry

By March 22, 2019

Greece (MNN) – AMG Int’l is celebrating the 15th anniversary of the CosmoVision Center located in Athens, Greece. The center has been a key spot for ministry outreach on both the local and international level for AMG.

First built for the Athens Olympics in 2004, the CosmoVision Center was made to be a youth outreach location. Today it still focuses on youth outreach but also hosts missionary teams, host churches, and refugees.

(Photo courtesy of CosmoVision center and AMG International via Facebook)

Tasos Ioannidis, president and CEO of AMG, says, “It has turned into a multipurpose facticity that is used for all kinds of ministry both locally with the Greek-speaking people and among the immigrants.”

The center has dormitories and fields on the property for sports and youth outreach as well as buildings used by local churches and ministry groups.

Ioannidis adds that the center also hosts teams coming from outside of Greece who stay at the center to learn through the center’s education programs or help with ministry programs in Greece.

Financial Crisis and Plans for the Future

However, since the financial crisis in Greece began in 2009, the center has faced new challenges and opportunities.

“It has constrained the resources locally but it also has given new ministry opportunities to reach to the local churches through a variety of activities that are fairly inexpensive,” Ioannidis says. “God has used it in the lives of many people.”

The CosmoVision center has seen similar results from the refugee crisis in Greece as well. The center stepped into the refugee crisis and ministers to the people impacted in the country. Many of the churches the center works with are immigrant churches and multicultural churches. While the ministry’s resources may be constrained, their opportunities to share God’s Word are not.

In the future, the center plans to expand the property and build additional facilities. It also hopes to expand training opportunities so that international pastors and leaders may receive Bible training at the center.

(Photo courtesy of CosmoVision Center and AMG via Facebook)

The CosmoVision Center has so many new opportunities to share God’s Word and it wants to continue to help the Church in Greece.

“We want to see more people coming there and to see the activities on the property be used to grow the local churches and immigrant churches. There is so much potential for growth,” Ioannidis says.

How to Get Involved

Ioannidis explains that the center gets its name from the Greek word ‘cosmos’, which means ‘the world’. The center really is a vision for the world as AMG spreads God’s Word in Greece.

He says, “We are just so thankful… of what God has done in the CosmoVision Center which has exceeded all our expectations, I would not have imagined 15 years ago that we would be where we are today. This is a unique time in history where people are coming to Greece from throughout the Middle East and we have a chance to reach them and the CosmoVision Center is playing a strategic role that right now.”

Would you like to get involved?

AMG is asking for prayers for resources to be provided so it can expand the ministry. AMG also asks for prayers that God’s Word may be heard in Greece and that those already in ministry might grow in God’s Word.

Click here to donate to the CosmoVision Center and AMG’s ministry in Greece.



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