The cost of a child’s future: $32

By August 19, 2013
(Photo courtesy of Orphan Outreach)

(Photo courtesy of Orphan Outreach)

International (MNN) — August spells a major task for moms: back-to-school shopping.

But what if you didn’t have enough in your bank account to purchase a backpack, uniforms, or even pencils for your child?

For orphans overseas, this means no first day of school. No supplies, no education.

That’s why Orphan Outreach has Mission Backpack this month. For as little as $7, you can purchase a backpack for an orphan to use at school. A new Bible costs $12 and school supplies are $13.

There are currently 121 million uneducated kids in the world. Growing up without an education drastically hurts a child’s future for success. They are more likely to struggle with a living, communication, health, and are more likely to be victimized. But each year a child goes to school, their salary as an adult can go up by 10%, according to A Dollar A Day.

(Photo courtesy of Orphan Outreach)

(Photo courtesy of Orphan Outreach)

Along with Mission Backpack donations, Orphan Outreach is planning Missions Trips for Backpacks. “You can become the hands and feet of God’s love to meet the needs of the fatherless and share with them the unconditional love and hope we have through Christ. Trips are available for individuals who would like to be part of a mission trip but are not currently part of a group,” says Orphan Outreach on their website.

You can also donate a backpack to Orphan Outreach. Click here to find backpack drop-off sites or sign up to become a collection site where others can donate.

Pray for children waiting for supplies that will let them go to school. Pray for God’s love to touch their hearts and draw them to our Heavenly Father.

Click here to fund Mission Backpack. 

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