The dangerous ‘Road to Somalia’

By July 12, 2011

Somalia (MNN) — The brutality of the persecution Somali Christians are facing has many fleeing across the border into Kenya. But even leaving the country does not always stop the Al-Shabaab, a radical Muslim group that is hunting down Christians in Somalia. The #1 country on the failed state list, in the throes of civil war, drought, famine, piracy; all these make living in Somalia very dangerous. A Christian in Somalia? Even more so.

In the midst of it all, Somali Christians are not alone. God is using Global Advance and Kenyan Christians to reach out to Somalis in their time of need. At the Global Advance Frontline Shepherds Conference in Kenya, God stirred the hearts of the Christian leaders in Kenya for their Somali brothers and sisters they see fleeing into their country and even those still in Somalia.

Jonathon Shibley with Global Advance says, "They've called their project ‘Road to Somalia.' They're targeting refugees that have come across the border into Kenya, and they are working with people who are living there in these [refugee] camps. They are discipling future leaders that are going to go back into Somalia with the vision to begin to plant churches and indigenous mission works throughout Somalia."

It is a huge risk they are taking. The name for the Frontline Shepherds Conference takes on a whole new meaning as these Christians–both Kenyan and Somali–will literally be in the "frontlines" of danger and persecution. But the call to minister and evangelize for the name of Christ is stronger.

"There's always a risk to taking the Gospel," admits Shibley, "especially in areas like this, and there's really no way to get around it. We need grace and wisdom on how to help them."

Global Advance has been conducting Frontline Shepherds Conferences since 1990 all over the world. It is shocking that only 8% of the 2 million pastors in developing nations have formal ministry training. As Global Advance seeks to equip the other 92%, those leaders armed with training in ministry can be more effective with preaching the Gospel.

According to the UN Refugee Agency, Kenyan refugee camps this year are receiving nearly 10,000 Somali refugees a month. This number is nearly twice the amount of Somali refugees per month in 2010. Political and religious persecution has increased. Somalis both in and out of the country are desperate for hope, and Kenyans are eager to share the hope we have in Christ. But it can't stop at the refugee camps. These efforts, while dangerous, must extend into Somalia.

The cultural and societal challenges in Somalia make the need for effective Christian leaders great. Kenyans hope that by working with native Somali Christians in Road to Somalia,' "these Somali Christians will be able to go back across the frontlines into their country and reach others with the Gospel.

Shibley asks of believers, "Pray that God will soften the hardened ground that's out there and that God will put Somalia on the hearts of many believers that are in east Africa. He has positioned millions of believers throughout east Africa, and there needs to be more indigenous efforts to reach Somalia."


  • althea rocke says:

    My heart goes out for you guys, i just want you to know I’ll keep praying for you God word have to fulfill. God bless !

  • Just came across this article. My heart has been so heavy for the people of Somalia. I am been researching on top of researching about this country. I am praying for you still! how can I get more information to stay updated? I am so eager to see Jesus made known throughout this country!!

  • ALi says:

    Hello! Ladies and gentlemen. I’m very happy to contact you. I am from Somalia and I am new Christian believer. I have recently taken my belief.

    The main reason in which I contacted you is that I am planning to be a missioner in Somalia who spreads Christianity since Somalia is heavily covered by Islam but me and my future friends will buckle down to create a new Christian community in Somalia if our other Christian brothers and sisters support us through our efforts.

    However, we would like to work together and support us financially to build churches and Christian communities in Somalia.

  • Paul Gentner says:

    I was in combat in Mogadishu, Somolia in 1993. I know how poverty ravished the Somali people are. I made a friend while there that I pray God has protected. His name is Mutah Abdul Hussain. I pray that he yet lives. I so want to tell him that Jesus loves him and so do I. I wanted to bring him home to live with me in America but I knew the Army wouldn’t let me. I helped with whatever little I could. I had nightmares for years, worrying about what may have happened to him. If he lives I would live to hear from him. He lived in the capital Mogadishu. I am a Christian now ando am excited that missions are in Somolia. Praise the Lord and please let me know how I can help. Please put me in contact with a missionary. God bless all Somali’s

  • Anonymous says:

    i’m proud of you! you did good job and God loves!, i am somali lady and i new christain lives Mogadisho. i’m so happy that i finally met Lord Jesus!!!!!

  • I’m ready to go to missions in Somalia with my resources. Contact me if you can assist me with itinary of how to plant a church in Somalia and convert at least a million Somalis. Death is not a threat to me. It is even a motivator. God bless you

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