The Dhao people finally receive Bibles

By October 17, 2012

Indonesia (MNN) — Timor, Indonesia, home of 4000 Dhao speakers, has finally received a way to deepen their walk with the Lord. In 1998 the translation of the New Testament and Genesis began in the Dhao language.

After 14 years, the Dhao people have finally received the New Testament, thanks to The Seed Company. The process was long and tedious. They first had to establish an alphabet for this complex language to begin translation. Relying on farmers and other local people called by God, the project has now been completed.

The Dhao people, most of whom claim to be Christians, were first introduced to Christ in the early 1700s. Pastors translate Bible verses orally into the local language, but the people do not have anything tangible they can have at home.

Reverend Dr. Ayub Ranoh M. TH., Ph.D., the man responsible for coordinating the translation program, was born on the Island. He saw the great need for the people to strengthen and deepen their walk with the Lord.

The Seed Company's mission is "to accelerate Scripture translation and impact for people without God's word through the Great Commission partnership." This 14-year process is much anticipated for them.

Michael Sina, the translator coordinator, has been blessed by the process. "When we read Scripture in Dhao, it brings us closer to other people, other churches and other denominations. When we, the Dhao people, use the same language, it gives us unity in the Lord."

The hope of The Seed Company is that the Dhao church "will be strengthened, and individual believers will be encouraged to develop a deeper, more personal walk with the Lord."

Pray that the Dhao people will be built up and strengthened in their faith through God's Word. Ask God to open the hearts of people who may not believe.

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