The divide between different beliefs

By December 15, 2015
(Photo courtesy Food for the Hungry)

(Photo courtesy Food for the Hungry)

International (FH/MNN) — There are hundreds of reasons why people who have different beliefs are divided.

In the headlines, we see many reasons why Christians and Muslims are at odds. It seems like they’re on separate sides of the world. But Food for the Hungry’s (FH) Dave Curtis writes that this split is a test of the Christian faith.

“Our unity as Christian faith is being tested. If we don’t acknowledge that the evil one has something to do with this, then we aren’t sufficiently aware of the grip he has on this world.

“The unity of Christians has always been one of [Satan’s] greatest enemies. And right now he is succeeding in his scheme to divide, antagonize, and turn us against each other.”

As a global church, we are called to be in community with one another, interacting with the people around us–and not just the people that share our same faith.

We need to be working with people who have differences: different beliefs, different traditions, and even different gods.

Where do we start?

Curtis continues, “We can’t show love unless we guard the dignity of others. FH seeks to uplift the dignity of all the people they work with. Not only do they see this as a core tenant of the Christian faith, but they also see it as a meaningful part of lifting people out of poverty and empowering them to own their own development.

“In a season where Christians celebrate the coming of our Savior and contemplate His purpose on earth, we must be mindful of this prayer: Jesus asked that we be of one accord because He knew that our ability to stick together, despite our differences, would be a powerful testament of His love on earth.”

If there is anything Jesus asked His followers to be identified by, it is our LOVE.

This Christmas, in spite of the noise of consumerism and the melee of controversial debate, let’s be known by our love–with our family, with our neighbors, and in our world.

Merry Christmas!

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