The finish line nears for a Bible translation team in rural Peru

By September 19, 2008

Peru (MNN) — Wycliffe Bible
is celebrating a team of Bible translators working in southeastern

Although Jim and Cindy Boyer are
sponsored by Wycliffe, they actually work under a linguistic organization known
as Summer Institute of Linguistics (SIL). This group does language research and analysis worldwide of previously
unwritten languages.

Recording a language on paper is
often seen as a move toward preserving the culture of its speakers.  400 people speak this dialect in need of the
Gospel in their heart language. 

The team hopes to see the New
Testament project in Culina finished in 2010. They are also working on writing
other linguistic tools, too, like a bilingual (Culina-Spanish) dictionary and a
written grammar analysis.

Cindy is working on a children's
book describing over 30 animals that are mentioned in the Bible and the role
they played. Another project involves an orientation for teachers, geared to
help ones who come from the city to understand the Culina culture a bit and to
give them ideas on how to teach the Culina children.

Pray for the team as they revise
the final and most difficult books. Also
pray that the Lord would work in the hearts of the people and provide strong
spiritual leaders.

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