The first ‘granny brigade’ a success in Africa

By May 26, 2005

Africa (MNN) — The Book of Hope is an illustrated story of Christ written especially for kids. To date, it's been handed out to nearly 300-million young people who speak more than 65 languages. Many volunteers travel with Book of Hope to hand out these Scripture portions. One of those trips was responsible for starting, The Granny Brigade.

Miriam Machovec coordinated the first 'Granny Brigade' trip because of the incredible the incredible emotional needs of orphaned children. Machovec describes the Granny Brigade. "It's a group of people with a purpose to accomplish much. That's what the 'Granny Brigade' was all about. We just wanted to go over there and just love and hold those babies and rock them."

But, that's not all they did. As grandmas, they also reached out to older kids. "We had permission to go into the schools to pass out the Book of Hope. And so, between the grannies and some churches that helped us, we distributed right around 38,000 books."

Machovec says she's looking for more grandmas to form another "Granny Brigade" to reach even more children. "Grandmothers definitely have their place because they're trustworthy. The kids over in Africa, first of all, don't have parents because they've died of AIDS. So, the grandmother touch is very, very valuable."

If you'd like to join the "Granny Brigade" contact Book of Hope, click on the highlighted link above.

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