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Published on 30 September, 2004

The first National Prayer Breakfast in Ghana excites believers.

Ghana (MNN)–Taking its inspiration from the U-S National Prayer Breakfast, Ghana has launched its own effort.

They want to see an annual national prayer breakfast in at least 30 African countries by the year 2010. The chairman of the Christian Council of Ghana said because Ghana’s destiny is in God’s hands, Ghanaians must seek Him first.

Oasis of Love’s Art Speck says they helped to spearhead the inaugural event. “September 10th is when the first national prayer breakfast was held at the banquet hall of the State House. It was quite the experience with various dignitaries from all over Ghana and some from West Africa, in general being there.”

Nigeria’s president Olusegun Obasanjo delivered the keynote, based on Genesis 1, on the issue of obedience. The message drew to a close when he challenged the leaders with ‘Where are you?’–the same question asked by God of Adam and Eve when they were hiding in the garden because of sin.

Obasanjo challenged the leaders to consider where they were in obedience to God as they carried out their civil service.

Speck says the whole event is geared at unifying Ghana’s leaders and allow them to seek God’s wisdom before making decisions. “Ghana is a ‘Christian’ nation, in that, approximately 60-percent of the country claim to be Christians, and about 35-percent claim to be Muslim. They’re just hoping to pull the Christians together in one accord.”

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