The future of Darfur stands on peace.

By June 8, 2005

Sudan (MNN)–All parties in the Darfur region have promised to attend peace talks this month. It’s a step in the right direction after a six-month lull.

The African Union-sponsored negotiations are set to resume June 10th in Nigeria. At the same time, the International Criminal Court (ICC) will launch a war-crimes probe into atrocities committed in Darfur.

It’s an acknowlegement that the crisis is growing to genocide proportions. But many Americans seem unaware. The news media has since moved on to covering sensationalized items and other detritus. To raise awareness and advocacy at this critical peace juncture, a Michigan faith-based think tank formed, called ‘Darfur Matters.’

The group is working to beef up awareness in churches and in civic groups. They’re also putting together an education package to try to help people get involved through letters that will help bring pressure on the Sudanese government into peace measures.

In joining the faith-based coalition, Worldwide Christian Schools’Dale Dieleman says they’re making a statement that’s saying: “What we’re concerned about is the children and the future of Darfur, but first there must be peace. There must be a state in which education can flourish and take place. We feel that we also need to be on the ground-floor level of adequacy in education.”

Dieleman says the ministry aspect is an integral part of the healing process. “We’re doing it from a very overt and conscious Christian biblical motivation. And feel that we need to be a Christian witness, along with these other groups to show solidarity in both the faith-based and also the public sector.”

Continue to pray for the peace process to move forward. Pray to that the WCS partnership developing in Sudan will be able to play a key role in the restoration from a Christian worldview.

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