The Gospel and some much-needed medicine

By February 11, 2016

Burkina Faso (MNN) — In a trip to this sub-Saharan African country, Reach Beyond and it’s partner organization Radio Evangile Développement (RED) teamed up to provide the local people with some health care.

(Photo courtesy Reach Beyond)

(Photo courtesy Reach Beyond)

Burkina Faso has less than five doctors for every 100,000 people compared to the 250 doctors available for every 100,000 people in the United States.

In this African country, malaria, parasites, worms, fungal infections and more are common ailments. Yet, they are unable to be treated.


There just aren’t enough people around with the knowledge to help. So when these two organizations rolled into villages with a team of missionaries and medical professionals, it was something to be excited about.

The ultimate motivation for the two organizations holding the clinics wasn’t to just care for these people physically, but also spiritually. These clinics were an opportunity for workers and volunteers to share the gospel firsthand with people who normally only heard it on the radio.

And for many volunteers, just one trip to Burkina Faso is enough to place these country people on their hearts for a lifetime of prayer and impact by Jesus Christ.

As RED and Reach Beyond work together to bring the hope of Christ to this country, please pray for the seeds sown to take root and for many people to come to know Christ as their Savior.

RED also works in Burkina Faso to help raise awareness of the damages and health risks caused by female genital mutilation. Reach Beyond’s partnership with the organization has helped to validate RED amongst the country people.

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