The Gospel goes to a small former Soviet Republic.

By October 7, 2004

Armenia (MNN)–The Book of Hope has completed its first distribution in Armenia.

The hope of the Gospel appears to be coming full circle after years under harsh oppression. The roots in Christianity began in 301 AD.

Armenia’s King Trdat III declared Christianity the Armenian state religion. In 405 AD, Armenia introduced its own written alphabet, and became the 10th nation in history to print and disseminate literature. Among the first books printed was an Armenian translation of the Bible in the new alphabet.

But after they were conquered by others, the people were displaced or forced to convert to a new state religion, one of which was Islam.

Eventually Turkish forces destroyed half the population, an oppression that lasted right up until the Soviets came to power.

In an effort to be free, they became a founding USSR country–and have lived under the influence of the philosophies and teachings.

With the fall of the Union, freedom came to the little country. With that, a spiritual vacuum and an eagerness to embrace truth.

Russian national teams last month first presented the Book of Hope to school children. Team leaders led trained Armenian youth who were involved in the distribution.

Mission teams are excited that the Russian church is already sending missionaries to new nations. Please pray for effective initial distributions the first two weeks of this month, and for a powerful, positive response to God’s Word.

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