The Gospel is moving toward a people group in Ghana

By September 18, 2007

Ghana (MNN) — The Wycliffe Bible Translation team working with the Ahanta in Ghana has finished the New Testament consultant checks and the JESUS film dubbing. 

The Ahanta are found east of the Nzema in the southwest, occupying the area between Cape Three Points and the Pra River. According to SIL, their literacy rate is below 1% in a first language, slightly jumping in a second language to anywhere between 5% to 15%. That makes getting the Gospel to this people group a challenge.

The team is hoping the manuscript will be ready for typesetting within the next couple of months. There are roughly 140,000 Ahanta speakers.

Pray that those who see the JESUS film will respond in faith and obedience. Pray, too, for a God-honoring dedication celebration in 2008. 

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