The Gospel is shining brightly in the Middle East, despite clouds of violence

By March 16, 2004

Israel (MNN) — Two Palestinian suicide bombers attacked the closely guarded Israeli port city of Ashdod, Sunday, killing 11 Israelis and wounding 18 in the first deadly assault on a strategic installation in more than three years of Israeli-Palestinian fighting.

The bombings raised serious questions about Israel’s vulnerability. Police said the bombers may have been trying to blow themselves up near chemicals, causing far greater loss of life.

Israel raised its overall terror alert to its highest level after the attacks, Israel Radio reported, as police increased security at all Israeli seaports, airports and train stations.

However, the violence isn’t stopping the spread of the Gospel into the Holy Land. That’s according to Joshua Youssef of Leading the Way. Leading the Way with Michael Youssef beams dual language Christian programming into the region.

Youssef is in Israel to, “Develop relationships and contacts with other ministries to help further the Gospel in this region.”

The response to the broadcast has been incredible. He says two young men came to Christ and through their program, “their faith has been strengthened as a result of our program. And, not only that, but they are learning English through the radio program because it is a dual language program — English/Arabic. They both have expressed that they have received education as well as encouragement.”

As violence in Israel doesn’t appear to be easing in this region, Christians in Israel are clearly looking for spiritual answers. Youssef says, “People are drawn to Christian media, to the word of God, especially in this time of real conflict. They want to know what Christians believe. They want to know about the Christian faith and the word of God.”

As they listen Youssef is hoping for one thing. “It is our hope,” says Youssef, “that they contact us for Bibles and material and literature. And, we work with local partners on the ground, such as the Bible society (to) get literature to them and that is our hope, that our radio programs would drive them to the word of God.”

Pray that Leading the Way would be able to find small local stations so even more people can hear the Gospel. Funding is needed to help pay for air time in these regions.

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