The Gospel Makes Surprising Inroads in Myanmar

By February 1, 2023

Myanmar/Burma (CAM) — When a local Christian worker visiting homes in Burma (Myanmar) knocked on one door in the country devastated by a military coup, he didn’t realize a military family lived there.

Area residents were resentful and/or terrified of the family since the February 2021 coup unleashed havoc in the country – protests, crackdowns and sheer random violence left many areas paralyzed.

“This family had the feeling that they were isolated, because military personnel were hated by all the people,” the leader of a native ministry (assisted by Christian Aid Mission) said.

The worker had visited other homes with the gospel and had seen families put their faith in Christ.

“Lastly he happened to reach the home of a retired lieutenant and his family – usually no one visited this family,” the leader said. “When he visited them not knowing who they were, the family was so happy for his visit.”

The worker told them how God’s love and salvation were available for all who came to Him in repentance. Touched by the worker’s kindness, the family invited him to visit them again.

“He lovingly visited them, and they invited him to visit again and again,” the leader said. “And finally the retired lieutenant came to faith in Christ and received believer’s baptism. Now this man invites their neighbors to his home, and they have believers’ fellowship on every Sunday, and sometimes on Saturday also.”

Resistance to military rule and government offensives striking civilian targets in various states where independence movements rage has increased humanitarian needs, also increasing opportunities for local workers to share about Christ.

Workers have brought food and other aid to the displaced, as well as to people trapped in their homes, unable to work. The local missionaries also care for children who have taken shelter with them and provide school tuition, opening the way to share the gospel with their parents.

“By the grace of God we have been sharing the gospel to the lost people in many ways,” the leader said.

They have planted churches in several new areas. Pray for more Gospel opportunities that will help them bring Christ’s love to people living in a long season of great darkness.  Click here to help.