The Gospel of Peace changes an unruly village in Papua New Guinea.

By October 26, 2005

Papua New Guinea (MNN)–Unruly residents of Ukarumpa (oo-kar-um-pa) Village have for many years given a lot of trouble to the nearby Summer Institute of Linguistics.

An IN Network church planter in Papua New Guinea reports the longstanding problem may be quieting. After years of robberies, vandalism and bad attitudes toward the missionaries, something changed drastically.

That’s the result of those who came to the Lord during the services held this past Christmas and New Year. The combined churches in the region held another service mid-year to strengthen the faith of the new Christians. The result was more church growth.

PNG is one of IN Network’s ‘Frontline countries’. The ministry supports a church planter there, as part of their mission to evangelize, disciple and undertake community development in their countries.

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