The Gospel reaches an enthusiastic people in Uganda.

By October 5, 2004

Uganda (MNN)–The IK people are a people abandoned by the cultures around them in Uganda.

At least that the impression, based on the history of the people. Hwoever, approximately 5,000 Ik live mainly in northeastern Uganda spread out along the escarpment between Timu Forest in the south and Kidepo National Park in the north, along the border with Kenya.

In the decade since ASM teams first started studying the people group and tried to reach out to them, there have been many changes.

Audio Scripture Ministries has provided funding for a laptop computer to be used, and made initial commitments for the first recordings to be done locally (in Uganda).
Because of the fragile condition of the people, and politics in the area, simple verses and Bible messages were the first things recorded.

God provided access to a local recording studio, along with other believers to help. The recordings were made. 40 TapeTalk2 handwind cassette players were shipped. A 4-wheel vehicle prepared, and distribution was made to many Ik villages.

Teams are now making preparations for a second visit to the Ik people. Reports from the first visit indicate many want to follow the Lord Jesus.

Pray for this follow up visit and decisions that will be made about further translation work in this area. ASM is trying to raise four-thousand dollars to fund a second distribution of Scripture to the IK people in Uganda. The money is needed before the beginning of November.

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