The Gospel will go forward despite Nepal’s peace problems

By March 12, 2010

Nepal (MNN) — Nepal's peace
accord is at risk. The process has stalled because the implementation of the
power-sharing agreement has not happened yet. 

The concern is that without quick
action, Nepal could slide back into civil war. According to the United Nations, 50 percent of countries return to war within
10 years of a peace agreement being signed.

Fred Palmerton with Christian Resources
says they're supplying Bibles, tracts and other
literature to Pastor Reuben Rai. Will a
failed peace accord disrupt his church planting and evangelism work? 

According to Palmerton, that's not
likely. Rai lives in Kathmandu and ministers in Nepal
and a border region of Pakistan. 

Palmerton explains, "Reuben has
done international work and moves across the borders of Tibet. He's
well-grounded in the techniques needed to safely come and go, to know where he
can maintain safety for the pastors and churches that he has trained."

Distribution of past shipments
has been slow, but steady. "Reuben is
in desperate need of more material," Palmerton said. "This window of
opportunity opened up approximately three years ago, when the country opened up
the opportunity to bring Christianity into Nepal in an open manner."

CRI is getting ready to send a
crate at the end of April. Pastor Rai
will distribute the collection of gently used Bibles, theology books, and other
materials among the pastors and new believers in the region where he works.

Palmerton says, "We are
right now collecting material, and a campaign is underway to be able to airlift
several hundred pounds of books and Bibles into Nepal."  

You can help with the effort by donating
or by sending books for the crate. The
pastors especially need Bibles, theology books, and books appropriate for
seminary students.


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