The growth of Christianity in Burma reveals the need for trained disciplers

By September 27, 2010

Burma (MNN) — Burma is nearly 90% Buddhist, among a population of 53 million. A
military dictatorship holds this country tightly in its fist, making it
difficult for anyone to enter and proclaim the Gospel.

Most Christian missions
were expelled in 1966. There have been
many reports of violence against believers, as well as cases of forced
conversion from Christianity to Buddhism. The government also outlawed all gatherings of more than five people and
required all house guests be reported.

Yet, because AMG International works with national workers, the
ministry has still been able to proclaim the Gospel.

Shortly after the devastation of Typhoon Nargis, AMG
teams provided relief supplies, which also became an opportunity to express the
love of Christ in action.

This proved effective among Buddhist people.
They seem to understand that God is love, and the
team reports that people had been hoping to see evidence. As a result of the team meeting physical
needs in a time of crisis, many came to Christ, and a number of small
fellowship groups and house churches developed.

These relief volunteers took on the discipleship,
and they report more testimonies of people being saved and being baptized. There is a growing need for dedicated workers
to help care for these new believers. Please pray that God will provide for
that need.

For example, one church is being served by a faithful lady who is always sharing
the Gospel. She is responsible for
establishing three churches in a region where Typhoon Nargis was particularly

Although she lost her own home, she continued to witness to
her fellow typhoon victims, and soon many came to know Christ. Today, more than
50 believers meet in her home. 

Pray for ministry
opportunities for Christians to share their faith with others. Pray that more Buddhists will see their need
for a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. You can help. Click here. 

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