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The Household movement moves to phase two

By March 5, 2009

USA (MNN) — It's called the Me and My Household initiative — an unprecedented movement of prayer by households around the United States, organized by HCJB Global.

In the first phase of the program, HCJB Global encouraged Christians to pray for their own households. President of the ministry Wayne Pederson says now it's time for phase two. "In this next phase, we're encouraging U.S. households to pray for households in the Arab world. Those families have many challenges, but they're searching for hope and love like everyone else is in the world."

Pederson is encouraging people to pray for the HCJB-Global Muslim broadcast strategy to "reach households in the Middle East and North Africa through short-wave, satellite and internet. Independent research shows that we're reaching about a million households a week in that region of the world."

While prayer is important, so is financial support. Pederson adds, "We have about a million households listening, and our annual budget is about $1 million. You can't buy a cup of coffee anymore for a dollar, but you can reach a household in the Arab world for a whole year for just one dollar."

As many of these people stumble across radio, satellite programming or internet material, they want more, says Pederson. "They become captivated by the person of Jesus Christ, and they begin listening to the Bible's teaching. Pretty soon they connect with other believers, and we're finding entire households coming to Christ together."

As the U.S. becomes more international, Pederson thinks when you pray for the Arab world, you will also be praying for your neighbor. "As [Arabs] are moving into this country, they're curious about our culture. Muslims recognize Jesus as a great prophet. There's a great deal of curiosity on the part of Muslims about the person of Jesus. And we can introduce our neighbors to Jesus as the Son of God, the Savior of the world. It's a great missionary opportunity."

Your gift of $100 will help HCJB Global Voice reach 100 Arab Households with the Gospel.

HCJB Global has a number of prayer tools to help you in the "Me and My Household" initiative. Click here to sign up for a free prayer emblem declaring your home a household of prayer. You can also get free devotionals, free prayer e-cards, free music downloads and more.

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