The humanitarian needs in Gaza are many

By January 14, 2009

Israel (MNN) — The conflict between Israel and Palestinians is polarizing. However, those concerned about the humanitarian crisis in Gaza aren't choosing sides. They're simply concerned about the innocent who are being affected by the conflict.

Jacob Kramer with the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee is deeply concerned about the suffering. "Gaza is very heavily populated, and residents cannot flee because all of the borders are closed. There seems to be an agreement of 900 dead and more than 2,000 wounded."

With previous sanctions and embargos, many of the Palestinians suffer from malnutrition.

Kramer says there are many needs. "The hospitals are in great need of medicine, and that's where the CRWRC will try to make a small difference. We've started to help the hospitals and clinics there with supplies. "

Since it's difficult getting to the region, CRWRC is working with a Christian group already on the ground.

Your financial and prayer support are needed now as many Christians are suffering. "There is still a substantial group of Christians there. There are Christian schools and churches." However, many of them have been forced to close.

Since going to the region is not practical, Kramer says Christians can help by giving generously or by praying.

Pray that God will use this situation to soften the hearts of terrorists, that He will provide for the needs of the suffering, and that He will use this situation to draw many to Himself.

If you'd like to help the CRWRC, click here.

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