The last church standing in a West Javanese district faces pressure to close.

By August 9, 2006

Indonesia (MNN)–Open Doors reports the last church standing outside of Bandung, Indonesia is facing mounting pressure to close.

The Batu Zaman Baptist Church in West Java is the last one in to survive a series of church closures sparked by a new religious law. So far, the revised law has been ineffective in lessening interfaith disharmony.

The revised law requires every applicant to: (1) Congregate at least 90 people; (2) Gain approval from 60 neighbors of different faiths, local authorities and the interfaith harmony forum.

The church has been involved in various community development programs, which led to the belief that the church had been on good terms with the community.

Since 2002, the church has given 50 scholarships to needy students from different faiths. Free sewing and electronics training courses have been offered.

However, the reality is that three other prominent churches in the same sub-district have been closed. Please pray that the pastor would be able to get a permit, that evangelistic work could continue and that the believers there would be a powerful demonstration of God’s love to their neighbors.

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