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Published on 19 January, 2012

The least helping the least: two kids raise thousands for clean water

USA (MNN) — To any kid who has ever said "I can't," the Adams sisters might shout, "Sure you can!"

The final numbers are in for Isabelle and Katherine. The two sisters, ages 8 and 5 respectively, raised $9,200 over the holiday season to bring clean water and the Gospel to those without.

How did they procure such a donation? Simple paper folding.

The girls' dad is half Japanese and grew up making origami. Passing on the family past-time, Mr. Adams taught his daughters the art of paper folding. Katherine, in particular, learned while waiting in car pool lines on her way to school.

When the girls decided they wanted to be a part of solving the water crisis, the idea of using this talent came quickly. They decided to make ornaments and sell them in time for Christmas. All the proceeds would go to the work of Living Water International in Ethiopia, a nation that suffered the loss of thousands of lives during the drought and subsequent famine over the summer.

After the girls decided their route to fundraising, their parents helped them host a fundraising party to sell the origami ornaments. All but two of the ornaments sold, and orders for more were flooding in. A local coffee shop even championed the cause by selling the girls' crafts as well.

After hours of folding hundreds of pieces of paper, the girls were able to raise $9,200. A special donor then even agreed to match their gift. The money was recently sent to Living Water and will be used to share the Gospel and provide clean water to those who need it most.

The story of the Adams sisters is just another bit of proof that even children can do big things for God's Kingdom. Check out all the opportunities your kids and families have to get involved at

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