The Lighthouse offers biblical approach to addiction and recovery

By March 10, 2023

USA (MNN) — Addiction costs United States residents over $700 billion annually, and more than 96,000 people die every year from a drug overdose. Addiction leaves few U.S. families untouched, but hope shines brightly in the darkness.

The Lighthouse began in 2015 as Biblical Life Recovery Center. Today, “it’s amazing to see how our small ministry here in Fort Wayne [Indiana] has taken on a larger approach in the nation,” Director Brandon Bower says.

“Plus, we’re doing some work in South Africa and Nigeria, helping them understand the importance of God’s Word in dealing with addiction. They’re going through some awful addiction issues over there.”

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The Lighthouse helps men who struggle with addiction and their families by providing resources and a Gospel-centered program. Along with a 30-day residential program, The Lighthouse offers community and consultation services. More about that here.

“We’re a biblical center. Everything we do stems from God’s Word,” Bower says.

“Nothing’s more powerful in changing someone’s life than God’s Word.”

The Lord is using this ministry to break the chains of addiction nationwide. Men from 13 states have come to The Lighthouse seeking help.

“It’s sad that people from Texas, Pennsylvania, and Oregon are sending their family members to us [instead of receiving help locally]. But there are no biblical options with beds open,” Bower says.

Are you struggling with addiction? See if The Lighthouse can help.

“We are a beacon light on a hill drawing others to the Savior,” Bower says.




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