The mission field in Australia opens multiple doors for one worker.

By November 20, 2003

Australia (MNN)–She works as an administrative support with the Wesleyan Church in Australia, but she’s got her own field as well.

Melinda House says she’s recently begun to catch the vision for mentoring and discipleship and looks forward to a time when she can see those relationships develop.

House describes the impetus behind this personal goal. “This last time I went over, the Lord gave me a chance to lead a young Muslim woman to Christ.” The incident encouraged her to follow the discipleship path, but she’s praying that, “He (God) would allow me to hook up with her again, to further disciple her along and that He would give me other opportunities to meet individuals who need to hear about Christ.”

House asks believers to pray for ministry within ministry in an area where a local dialect opens doors quickly. “Just that the Lord would give me ample opportunity for the mentoring/discipling to take place. I guess that’s my biggest prayer.” Aside from that, she says busy-ness can be an obstacle. It’s also another need. “The Weslyan church is small; there’s a lot of need there. I guess the biggest need there is for help.”

House is hoping to head back to Australia in July 2004. While in the States, she’s staying at D & D Missionary Homes in Florida.

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