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Published on 27 January, 2005

The move toward peace in Sierra Leone may spread seeds of the Gospel.

Sierra Leone (MNN)–United Nations intervention has brought a tenuous hold on peace and democracy to embattled Sierra Leone.

Many refugees who fled Liberia’s war zone ran for safety in nearby Sierra Leone, only to find themselves caught up in another war.

The peacekeepers-enforced peace created enough stability, where refugees are slowly making their way home, much to the delight of those involved with the Kisi audio Scripture translation project.

Audio Scripture Ministries’ Tom Dudenhoffer. “They will be able to take with them copies of Scripture, and the ability to play those Scriptures as long as they’re using the hand-powered units. They’ve already developed the habit of listening to the Scriptures at least one hour a day, that’s one of the minimum requirements when Scripture listening programs are instituted. Most people listen to it for two hours a day.”

Dudenhoffer says they’ve entered into a partnership with several other agencies of like mind. It’s a three-pronged approach to ministry; the translation of the Scriptures into Kisi, the production of a tape, and the equipment used to play them.

The Scripture use programs will likely expand in the rural areas of the country. Dudenhoffer explains the phenomenon that follows war. “The times of peace make it possible to contact people, who before had either been on the run, who were refugees, who didn’t think about anything other than pure survival, so now that there is some peace, we fully expect that there’ll be more requests to assist in the distribution of God’s Word in that area.”

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