The multiplication effect

By March 28, 2013

Burma (MNN) — The multiplication effect. That is exactly what is going to happen in Burma. This year, 13 Shan students graduated from the Teacher Preparation Center (TPC) with Partners Relief and Development. Of those who graduated, seven of them will become Mobile Teacher Trainers in Shan State.


Over the next few months these trainers will run 10 training sessions in 10 different communities. The 400 teachers that will attend the sessions will then provide schooling for thousands of kids. Thus–the multiplication effect. With 13 students graduating, thousands of children will be impacted.

Some of the teachers will be involved in Partners Relief and Development's Sustainable Schools program. This program was started in 2009, and since then they have seen hundreds of teachers trained.

This year, Partners is working with RDFSS (Rural Development Foundation of Shan State) to provide sustainable schooling options for the area. The shortage of schools in the area is having a major effect on allowing children to go to school. Many of the communities do not have funds to support the teachers or the cost of the schooling.

So field workers with Partners have looked at 47 different communities and have figured out an income generation development project in each of these locations. Working with the communities, projects will be formed such as pig farms, maize plantations, fish farms, community shops and other context specific ideas.

The end goal is to get the projects to be self-sustaining. Which means the communities will learn to run and fund these projects by themselves.

Pray that more children will be able to go to school because of these sustainable schools. Give thanks to God that the 13 Shan students who graduated are willing to share their knowledge with others.

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