The need for audio Bibles and a ‘man of peace’

By October 6, 2015
(Mexico flag courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

(Mexico flag courtesy Wikimedia Commons)

Mexico (MNN) — Jim and Jamie Locker with Audio Scripture Ministries recently shared about some key people during their time as missionaries in Oaxaca, Mexico. While in Mexico, the Lockers worked to create audio Bibles for non-literate people.

But when the Lockers began a translation, first they needed a person who knew the language and could read. They called this person the “man of peace.” Some of these “men of peace” include Barcimeo, Maria, and Juan.

Barcimeo, is from the Amuzgo group. He connected the Lockers with others who wanted to help translate the New Testament. This took four weeks of 12-hour days spent translating to complete the audio. Still, because of their dedication, many families in this language group have been able to receive the Gospel.

Then there’s Maria who is apart of the Mixe language. She helped record audio Scripture and the JESUS film into her language. What’s striking about her is she’s the only person who both could read and was willing to help, out of the 20,000 people.ASM - mother-and-child

However, one of the biggest impacts came from Juan, a Christian from the Chinantec language. Juan first learned to read when he began translating the New Testament into his language as a young man. After completing his work, he couldn’t wait to record it. He understood its importance because the majority of his people would never learn to read. Because of Juan and his endless dedication, many Chinantec people have come to Christ.

Now looking back, the Lockers are extremely thankful for these three who have impacted their ministry tremendously. They ask for prayers for these “men of peace” everywhere. They also ask for special prayers for Juan, his family, and the Chinantec believers since it’s become known he is losing his battle with bone cancer.

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  • Ian Ford says:

    I want to work for GOD recording audio bibles! I would appreciate if you can put me in touch with an individual or company in South Africa.

    GOD’S richest blessing!

    Ian Ford

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