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Published on 06 October, 2010

The New Testament goes into audio for a nearly unreached people group in India

India (MNN) — Audio Scripture Ministries is celebrating a
historic recording in India.

Through the work of their partner, the World Cassette
Outreach of India, teams just  completed
the recording of the Zeme Naga New Testament.  

The language is spoken by the Zeliangrong Nagas who inhabited in
the Northeastern states of India. This
is the first recording done in this language. 160,000 people speak this language, and only a small percent of them are

ASM goes on to say the project presented its challenges. It was tedious to record it because the
script used by the translator was in English. As a result, the translator had
to communicate with the readers what was written, and the readers would have to
read that back to us with the correct pronunciation. 

However, the need for Scripture in this language is
huge. The readers were ecstatic to see
the project through to its end. There is an official release scheduled this
November. Pray for the Zemes who now
have God's Word available to all.

The staff at WCOI are also planning to re-record the Telugu and
Malayalam Indian languages. The work continues even as the new ministry center
requires new challenges to their living situation.

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