The New Testament heads to Indonesia in a common tongue.

By October 6, 2003

Indonesia (MNN)–Indonesia is home to over 200 million people who speak over 200 languages. Estimated to be 75 percent Muslim, this southeast Asian country is greatly in need of the Gospel of Jesus.

This makes it a tough place for the seven- percent who are Christian or for the smaller numbers of Hindus, Buddhists and others.

Over the years, scattered, but more numerous reports show pockets of violence targeting Christians throughout the island nation. With an upcoming direct election, new leaders will be chosen, leaving believers to wonder if they will see reprieve or increase in the tensions.

Even so, the church is growing. World Bible Translation Center’s Roger Massey says they’re in the final stage of an outreach project. “Our Indonesian translation team has completed our translation of the Indonesian New Testament. It’s been sent to Indonesia for printing. Our first-run printing will be 25-hundred copies and those copies will all go to Indonesian church leaders.” Massey adds a second-run printing for 50-thousand copies is earmarked for Jakarta.

New believers and nonbelievers as well as people with lower education levels would also profit from the easy-to-understand translation.

In light of the trouble believers endure, pray: “First of all, just a hedge of protection around those Christians who live in high-risk areas; [pray] for those who live out their faith and, [thirdly], just that the examples of their lives that they live in front of unbelievers would be reason enough for people to turn to the son of God.”

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