The next 30 days are vital

By March 25, 2013

Haiti (MNN) — When you order a package, the worst part is paying for shipping. Sometimes it seems like that costs more than the item. For Haiti with Love runs into that same problem. Just recently they had a sea container shipped to them with donated food.

The food came from Minnesota, so they had to pay for the transportation of the container for over 2000 miles. It ended up costing $10,000. The benefits outweighed the cost. They are able to feed 200,000 children with the food that was donated in that container.

With the $10,000 being spent on food, For Haiti has a new pressing need. Just recently Eva DeHart says they have run into a problem in their medical clinic. "The silver sulfadiazine that we use for the burns has silver in it, so it has gone from $10.00 for a 400 gram jar, up to $42.00."

This $32.00 jump came as a shock to them. When burn victims come into the clinic, depending on their burn, they can use a large amount of burn cream–sometimes using a whole jar for one person. For Haiti has found a solution, but they need your help to accomplish it.

DeHart explains, "I have the opportunity with Blessings International to get into one of their bulk orders from out of country. If I can come up with $4,000, I can get an entire year's supply of silver sulfadiazine."

After spending money on the food, $4,000 seems like an impossible task, but they know that with the Lord, all things are possible. The clinic provides a way that For Haiti can share Christ's name with those who come for help.

DeHart said, "A lot of our burns are a result of voodoo rituals. When you talk to those people and explain to them that God doesn't expect that kind of stuff–that we have a loving God that doesn't want you to go through those rituals, you can get their attention in a hurry because they don't have to do that anymore."

Continuing to treat burns is a top priority for them. The short-term goal is to raise $2,000 in the next 30 days. That will ensure that the burn cream will be shipped. Then the other half will be due when the container is received a few months later.

If you can help For Haiti with this current need, click here. Pray that they will receive funds for the shipping container. Ask God to continue to give For Haiti opportunities to share the Gospel to those they treat.

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