The ‘Old’ bridges gaps to the ‘New’ with Hausa speakers

By January 2, 2013

Mozambique (MNN) — The Hausa are one of the largest ethnic groups in the Sahelian region. This ethnic group spreads out primarily across Chad, Nigeria, Niger, Ivory Coast, Cameroon, Sudan, and Ghana.

According to the Joshua Project, many of the regions where Hausa is primarily spoken are also heavily Islamic, making them challenging areas for Gospel work.

Despite that, the printed Bible in Hausa has been available since 1932, but because as few as 15% of the people can read, it is still inaccessible.

That's where Audio Scripture Ministries comes in. The audio New Testament has been available since the 1970's, but the religious history and culture of the country is hostile to many of the claims made of Jesus in the New Testament.

Now, the Old Testament in audio in the Hausa language is available. For the first time, an opportunity is available to begin a discussion about the historical figures such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, and Moses.

The bridges can be built on common ground now because they are all considered respected prophets, but not much detail is known about them, nor what they teach. In addition, the Biblical Wisdom and Poetry books are similar to Hausa proverbs and poems. These stories can easily be shared in public gatherings with fear of confrontation.

With the audio Old Testament on solar powered, digital Scripture players, national pastors, evangelists, and Bible School students in the Evangelical Church of the Republic of Niger will be able to teach the great background stories and teaching of the Old Testament.

This pilot project has a limited number of digital Scripture players available. If more players become available, more will go to people waiting to listen. Audio Scripture Ministries is grateful to have been able to play a part in making the Hausa audio Old Testament available for the first time.

Gospel workers tread carefully, but they are finding more openness than ever before. Pray for wisdom for them as they work. Pray for strength in their faith in light of opposition that often comes…and if you can help, check our Featured Links Section for details.

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