The only one who can stop you from serving the Lord is you

By September 19, 2018

International (MNN) — When Jesus tells His people to “go and make disciples of all nations” in Matthew 28:18-20, it can sound like a task for the highly gifted. However, this command — also known as the Great Commission — is not reserved for evangelists and missionaries.

Joshua Harrison with Audio Scripture Ministries reflects, “We have realized and seen that there is a place for everyone in God’s Great Commission. There is one Body with many different members. We’re all on the same team, but we may have different roles on that team.”

Get Creative With Your Gifts

ASM has seen this truth carried out in profound ways. Their ministry gives people access to God’s Word in the form of audio Bibles. To do that, they have a whole force of volunteers and staff with many different giftings.

“For example,” says Harrison, “we have Don Lang who is a retired electrical engineer. He travels and shares the stories and the needs for God’s Word in audio in Mozambique and the many other places where we serve. He visits different conferences and shares that all across the US.

A faithful group of volunteers from Hamilton Reformed Church serve at the ASM office. (Photo, caption courtesy of Audio Scripture Ministries)

“[There are] others we have who have been painting and gardening and keeping our facilities in good running order here in the Holland, Michigan office. We’ve had groups from local churches who come a few times a year to stuff praise and prayer guides or help send out newsletters for mailing to our supporters.”

There is also no age limit to how God can use you! One of ASM’s volunteers named Lena is a great example of what it looks like to creatively serve the Lord.

“She is 93-years-old but she recently took the time to knit dozens of hats that we were able to bring to our compassionate care patients in Mozambique!

“Old and young alike, they fight many different kinds of illnesses and chronic diseases, so they struggle to maintain proper body temperature. But to see the joy on their faces when we brought these beautiful hats that someone cared enough to make…for them, [it was] just confirming the message of the Gospel that we’re bringing them with our weekly visits.

ASM’s Compassionate Care Team preparing hats. (Photo courtesy of Audio Scripture Ministries)

“One of our patients,…as she put the hat on, she said, ‘This is so pretty, I feel like I’m going to church now every day!’”

Harrison shares, “I hope and pray for you and me that at 93, that you and I are still diligently using whatever skills we can to connect people to God’s Word and to share His love for them.”

What about you? Are you skilled at crafting or writing or music? Maybe you excel in hospitality or encouragement. There are several opportunities to be involved in the Great Commission by getting creative with how God has gifted you.

ASM even has an opportunity right now for an accounting coordinator to join their ministry!

“We’re looking for someone right now who is good with numbers and loves Jesus and has a passion for global missions!… Maybe you are interested in joining the team here as accounting coordinator or maybe you know someone who fits that or wants to volunteer in some way. Contact us! We would love to talk with you.”

Look For Opportunities

Another aspect of involvement in the Great Commission is simply looking for opportunities.

(Photo courtesy of Crista Ballard Photography)

Harrison suggests, “Do you know a friend or a neighbor or a colleague who speaks a different language than you? Have you considered bringing them an audio Bible [and] perhaps connecting them to God’s Word in their own heart language? Or maybe, do you know someone who is sick or shut-in? Could God’s Word in audio bring comfort and hope to them?”

You can get audio Bibles from ASM to give to friends and family who you think would be encouraged by God’s Word in audio!

“Recently, we had a distribution partner report they brought an audio Bible to someone who was shut-in. He had had degenerative eye surgery just done and he was facing a long recovery time. He was so excited to receive an audio Bible and the joy it brought to his heart was so amazing!”

Earlier this month, we even shared a call for more recordists to join ASM’s team in Mexico. The recordist job is not for the faint of heart since it requires someone who can get outside their comfort zone to live in rugged conditions while recording Scripture translations.

But someone saw the opportunity to serve in ASM’s recordist position and stepped up!

Harrison shares, “We are praising God for Luis who has been involved with his father in prison ministry before and preaching the Gospel. Now, he is excited to join the team as a recordist! So, thank you so much for your prayers, and let’s keep praying for more laborers for the harvest field of our Lord.”

Ask God to show you how you can get involved in the Great Commission by creatively using your time, talents, and treasure for His glory.

To find more ways you can serve with ASM, click here!


(Header photo courtesy of Audio Scripture Ministries)

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