The peace and power of Christ is made real in Liberia.

By June 3, 2005

Liberia (MNN) — As Liberia moves toward disarmament, an indigenous ministry is extending the love of Christ to those responsible for the violence that’s plagued their country.

Wallah Wilsitoe is the Pastor of St Paul Baptist Church and a leader with Jake Memorial Baptist College in Liberia. He says, “We have a plan to reach out to the former combatants and even get them enrolled at the Bible College, that is a sacrificial work, one-hundred percent national initiative.”

Wilsitoe says former combatants are finding peace in Christ, “Some of them believe in the Lord Jesus. They are responding, we believe greatly, because the Lord has the power to change, we are just a channel, but He does the changing of mind.”

The spiritual climate in Liberia is one of openness to the Gospel. That’s why their work to train Christian leaders is so important. That’s why Wilsitoe is calling on the church worldwide for support, “We established our college – Jake Memorial Baptist College – it’s 100-percent national initiative. We don’t have resources, but we trust the Lord and believe that through your prayers, God is able to open doors.”

They see many needs and opportunities to serve others in Christ. Wilsitoe adds, “People suffer the basic needs like lack of food lack of clothing, you just see the problem and you can’t do anything about it. But we believe that when God opens some doors, really we can do a lot more.”

Pray for the Lord to supply their needs as Christians in Liberia reach out with God’s love and peace.

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