The people of Haiti look to God

By February 26, 2010

Haiti (MNN) — Food, water, medicine and shelter have been the focus in Haiti, following the 7.0 earthquake.

However, OneHope Latin America Director Richard Luna says the people of Haiti are showing an interest in God. He says over a million people gathered around the presidential palace for the conclusion of a three-day fast. "For the first time as a collective people, the people of Haiti are looking for God — seeking for God. They were fasting for God — for the very first time, not for the voodoo gods, but for THE God of creation. And I think this is something significant."

OneHope presents the harmonized gospels through the Book of Hope and The Godman, the story of the life of Christ in 3D animation. "In one weekend, they went visiting camp to camp, tent to tent, and heart to heart, and they reached in one weekend 33,000 children and their families. We have seen in one month more showings of The Godman than in all previous years put together."

OneHope had been working with a few hundred churches in Haiti. Because of the need, Luna says, "We're now working through 14 denominations, 2,500 churches and 3,000 schools. In order for transformation to happen in Haiti, it has to happen in every segment of society. And that has to be coordinated through churches."

The increase means there's a need for more copies of the Book of Hope and The Godman videos. "This year we hope to reach out to 2.1 million children and youth in Haiti this year. We're seeing a demand greater than we've seen it [before] — more open hearts and more open doors."

For 33 cents, you can put a Book of Hope in the heart language of a child in Haiti. Click here if you'd like to help with this financial need.

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