The Pope’s message: “Be a disciple of Christ” – what does that mean?

By April 7, 2005

Ireland (MNN) — The death of Pope John Paul II is causing many people to return to church in Ireland. 87-percent of the population practices Catholicism. With the Pope’s funeral tomorrow, many are thinking about their faith.

Sean Mullen is the pastor of Dublin West Community Church, a church founded by Greater Europe Mission. According to Mullen, one of the Pope’s messages was to live as a follower or disciple of Jesus Christ. “While there are areas that evangelicals and the Pope would have disagreed on, there is certainly that forum that allows us to ask the question; ‘What does it mean to live as a follower of Jesus Christ? What does it mean to trust in Him.’ So, there are opportunities to at times, perhaps, explain the differences that are there in our beliefs.”

Because the Pope was held in such high esteem in Ireland, Mullen says, “People are talking about faith. They are talking about why they believe what they believe and why they no longer believe. And, I would say it’s probably providing a general forum for discussion about these kinds of issues.”

But, Mullen believes there needs to be a mighty move of God across Ireland, and it may be ready. “We’re discussing these issues now in a way in Ireland that we weren’t free to do even a few years ago. And, there’s a spiritual hunger and a spiritual awareness now that wasn’t around a few years ago.”

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