The season of thanks and giving

By November 21, 2013
Giving to those in need so they can give thanks too

Giving to those in need so they can give thanks too

International (MNN) — This Thanksgiving season, you can give people a chance to survive.

India Partners is giving medical care and medicines to those living in India’s remote tribal villages. Their resources are limited and they barely have anything.

People need help, and there are many others who are stuck in poverty needing medical care, food, shelter, job training, and education. From the remote jungles to the urban slums, your gift will make a big difference.

Save a life this Thanksgiving! Your gift heals people who are sick and need medical care. Your gift also helps women and children working in the red-light districts find safety and get out of the sex trade.

You’re helping to provide clean, disease-free water for vulnerable communities. You’re feeding hungry children and giving them an education.

Give and your gift will do so much to serve struggling Indian families living in poverty. India Partners ministers to the people of India by cultivating relationships, sharing resources, and encouraging self-sufficiency through the compassion and wisdom of Jesus Christ. Through your gift, the love of Christ can be spread worldwide to those who need to know Him.

Pray this Thanksgiving season will be filled with giving to others who don’t have much. Pray that through these gifts, many lives will be touched. Pray Christ’s love will be seen.

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