The Seed Company furthers Great Commission with new strategy

By September 17, 2012

Int'l (MNN) — About 2,000 people groups throughout the world have yet to hear the Gospel. It can take years to translate and print a Bible, let alone distribute it. The Seed Company hopes a new ministry strategy will hasten the process.

"The idea is that we want to get Scripture available to people in a form that they can engage with, as soon as possible," said Dr. Larry Jones, Sr. VP for Bible Translation with The Seed Company.

They're using a technique called Oral Bible Storying to create a sustainable process for furthering the Great Commission. There are approximately 300 million oral learners in the world. That is, they prefer to process important information by listening or speaking, rather than reading. The majority of unreached people groups are oral societies, and few resources have been developed to reach these people for Christ.

This new strategy means Scripture is available in weeks rather than years, and it can be shared with unreached communities in a format they prefer. Also, it's not restricted to one region or nation.

"The phenomenon of oral communication and a preference for oral communication is global," Jones explained. The Seed Company has ministries operating in Asia, Africa, the Pacific and the Middle East. "In all those places, there is an oral Bible storytelling approach that seems to get traction."

Jones goes on to explain that in Oral Bible Storying, nationals spend a few weeks studying God's Word and hiding it in their hearts. Once they've committed Gospel stories to memory, they can then share the tales within their communities.

"It's not the only thing we do in those nations in Bible translation, but it's an awesome way to start," Jones said. The Seed Company uses this technique as a foundation for their other translation projects. "It's a recruiting tool in terms of drawing people into the cause.

"People see God using heart language Scripture in remarkable ways, in their lives, and in the lives of their neighbors."

Pray for Bible storytellers learning this technique and storing God's Word in their heart to share with members of their community.

"The clamor for this ministry is growing very rapidly," said Jones. Pray that God would raise up workers for His harvest. The Seed Company is looking for believers who are passionate about intercultural ministry and will teach nationals throughout the world to be Bible storytellers. Interested? Click here for opportunities to serve with The Seed Company.

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