The Seed Company helps build the church through God’s Word translated into 12 Nigerian languages.

By May 17, 2005

Nigeria (MNN) — Nigeria is a country of many cultures and languages. In the Northeastern state of Gombe, The Seed Company is helping 12 language groups have God’s Word for the first time.

The project is multi-denominational and inspired by the vision of a Nigerian bishop who desired that all the languages in Gombe would have Scripture.

The Seed Company is part of this work, putting on workshops to train nationals to translate Scripture into their own languages. Katy Barnwell of The Seed Company says it’s something locally owned.

“We’re encouraged by the local interest. In fact, we discovered that in all of the languages there was already somebody who was trying to do something. They were writing a hymnbook or doing some translation; so this was just really helping along what was already in progress.”

The goal is building up the church with God’s Word. Even after the first workshops, local villagers went home with their little portion of Scripture and started using it right away. Barnwell says the church is being built up as translation work is moving along well,

“A certain amount of groundwork needs to be done in helping people develop an appropriate writing system for the language and training for translation principles. So I think all the projects now are getting into a steady translation phase, and we hope that they’ll be able to complete the translation of Luke in the course of the next 18 months, and then work on the JESUS Film and some other Scripture selections.”

Pray for the effectiveness of translation work and ministry. Barnwell believes it’s key, “We believe that the prayers of God’s people around the world are vital for the success of such a program. And we believe that God’s leading in the program and we appreciate the partnership of God’s people in prayer around the world.”

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