The Sinow to hear the Gospel for the first time

By December 12, 2006

Papua New Guinea (MNN) — Two years ago, an international team of missionaries moved into a Sinow village in Papua New Guinea to learn the language and develop a friendship. That work started something, says New Tribes Mission’s Nita Zelenak.

“In September of this year they started teaching. And, started with Genesis and the story of creation, and they have been working their way through steadily. There’s been about 150 people who have been attending the nightly classes, five nights a week.”

At the end of November, the Sinow heard the nativity story. According to Zelenak, the Gospel will be complete. “Now they’re working their way through the story of the life of Christ and they expect to present the story of the death and resurrection of Christ within these next two weeks,” she says.

There are no Christians in this people group, says Zelenak. “They’ve been very interested in hearing what’s been taught. From all that we’ve seen, as far as the positive response so far, we are very confident that there will be a number of believers.”

While the full Gospel hasn’t been taught yet, Zelenak says at least one girl knows Jesus is her Savior. “I’ve got this wonderful comment from one of the villagers, who has been attending. She said, ‘I don’t know exactly what Jesus has done for me, but whatever He did, I know he bought me back. He’s the redeemer that God has promised. And, she doesn’t even know about His death yet.”

Teaching the Bible chronologically is an effective way to share the Gospel with people who havet never heard before. “People can best understand the Gospel if they understand the foundation behind it and have a true picture of who God is and man and what sin is and the affect that it’s had.”

This is the 17th people group in Papua New Guinea that has heard the Gospel through the chronological teaching method. Pray that many will turn to Christ as they hear about Christ’s sacrifice for them.

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