The small miracle of one boy’s first Bible

By October 9, 2019

Indonesia (MNN) — Agus is a sixth-grader from Kalimantan, Indonesia, a small village located on the rainforested island of Borneo.

Agus’ family practices Animism, the belief that souls possess everyday objects and plants . Agus did too, until seven dollars introduced him to the Gospel. Bruce Allen of FMI tells the story.

Unlikely Friends

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country. Out of more than 263 million people, 229 million are Muslim. Christians do make up the second-largest group, but at only 26 million, Christians are outnumbered nearly 9-to-1. Despite these odds, Agus met and became friends with multiple Christian students at his school.

One Teacher’s Impact

Agus also had a Christian teacher who had conversations with him about the Gospel..

“Agus started to have a conversation with his teacher about who made these things like the rocks and the trees and the rivers. The Christian teacher explained the Christian belief of Creation. And this God who designed the universe, loved his Creation,” Allen says.

The story of creation, rebellion, love, and redemption fascinated Agus and left him wanting to know more.

(Photo courtesy of FMI)

A Bible Shortage

Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to get a Bible on Borneo. EvenChristians often do not have a Bible of their own. Believers may only have access to Scripture during church services or as part of small groups of 5-10 built around a single Bible.

FMI just finished a large Scripture delivery this summer, but the need is still there.

“A few days after this campaign, I returned to the US. I’m getting emails, I’m getting phone calls saying, ‘All that you gave us, we have already distributed. We’ve already shared the Gospel with so many people. We need 1000 more Bibles immediately,’”Allen says.

Against all odds, Agus received a Bible from this delivery. It only cost a stranger $7.

Shortly after receiving the Bible, Agus gave his life to Christ. Almost immediately, he went on to share the Gospel with his family. Though his parents did not join him in faith, they were glad to see their son making up his own mind and gave a local pastor permission to baptize Agus.

Thanks to this series of small miracles, Agus is joining Church life. Now, he has Christian friends and a Bible to call his own.

Distributing Bibles in Indonesia (Photo courtesy of FMI)

Miracles don’t need to be flashy or earth-shaking. Conversations, small donations, and friendship can change lives even in the face of persecution.

“We just need to remember that even when we hear these stories of persecution, that there are people that the Lord is drawing to himself. Jesus said, ‘if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all types of people to myself,’ and he’s still in the business of doing that,” Allen says.

Don’t Downplay Your Impact

The Gospel came to Agus through the smallest of sacrifices. Someone donated $7 to have a Bible printed, shipped and delivered through FMI’s Tangible Resources program. Do the same for someone else here.

But it didn’t stop there; someone also prayed for him. Join them in prayer for Agus, his family, and his continued journey of faith.

Pray for believers like the schoolteacher who took a risk and shared the Gospel. Ask that more Bibles and stories of the Gospel will reach the people of Indonesia and overcome the barrier of hundreds of local languages.


Header photo provided by FMI: Agus (left) receives his Bible from Yandi (right).

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