The “spiritual high” doesn’t have to end at camp

By March 23, 2020
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USA (MNN) — Christian camp directors are passionate about fostering a fun experience for children and teens that ultimately points them to Jesus. But what about after cabins are closed, bags are packed, and campers go home?

Keys for Kids Ministries executive director Greg Yoder says he spoke with a camp director who expressed his concerns: “One of the challenges Kevin [Grifhorst] had at Pine Ridge Bible Camp was, ‘How do I keep the kids in my camp in the Word all year long? How do I stay connected with them other than inviting them back to camp every year? How do I stay connected to my [campers’] parents? How do I develop a long-lasting relationship?’”


(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids)

To bridge the gap between the spiritual high at camp and the rest of the year, Keys for Kids created a unique resource called Keys for Camps! It has Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals as well as a letter and advertisements from the camp distributor.

Keys for Kids proposed Keys for Camps to several other camp directors at the Christian Camp and Conference Association in 2016. Yoder says the idea was received warmly. “About 90 percent of them said that they would sign up today if it was available!”

In the three years since, Keys for Camps has taken off as a program and grown exponentially. Last year, almost 100 camps signed up for Keys for Camps quarterly devotionals, including 30,000 kids and teens.

However, kids and camp directors aren’t the only ones who appreciate Keys for Camps. Parents are also using quarterly devotionals to lead their kids in family time with the Lord.

“When mom and dad get these materials in the mail, they’re thinking to themselves, ‘Well, wait a minute. This camp cares more about my kid’s spiritual well being than they do about coming to camp. And now I’ve got a resource to disciple my kids and my teens.’ In fact, we heard countless stories of moms and dads thanking us for providing these Keys for Kids and Unlocked devotionals to them so that they could lead their kids.”

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(Photo courtesy of Keys for Kids)

Yoder says, “My challenge to parents and grandparents…is to propose Keys for Camps to any camp that you have a relationship with. It’s a program that really has seen not only kids come to know Jesus, but disciple them along the way.”

You can also pray for kids and teens reading Keys for Camps throughout the year. Ask the Lord to solidify a biblical foundation in their hearts and grow their love for Jesus. Pray for camp directors and parents to be spiritually encouraged as they pour into kids with the Gospel.



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