“The Story of Jesus” will air nationwide in Bulgaria

By March 10, 2006

Bulgaria (MNN) — It’s going to be an historic time for Bulgaria in the weeks ahead. Campus Crusade for Christ and the JESUS Film Project is gearing up for an evangelistic event that will allow thousands to see and hear the Gospel all over the country.

Speaking from Bulgaria, Campus Crusade country director Scott Gill tells us what’s going to be happening. “Starting on March 24th we’ll be showing projections of “The Story of Jesus for Children” in the 10 largest cities in Bulgaria. And, prior to that there will be an advertising campaign that will include hundreds of television commercials on the national channels, as well as using radio, posters, billboards, and a special postcard in every single home in Bulgaria.” The goal is let everyone know that they have a chance to hear the Gospel.

On Easter Sunday, the film will be broadcast across the nation on the most-watched television station in Bulgaria.

The film, “The Story of Jesus for Children” is the centerpiece of this extensive evangelistic campaign. This retelling of the Gospel account of Jesus, through the eyes of children, is a vivid presentation of the life-transforming power of Christ.

According to Gill, this is a rare event. “It’s never been done on this scale before. We’ve done citywide campaigns, but this is the first time anybody’s ever tried to do a whole nation at once.”

This is something that never would have happened 10 years ago. “Even as recently as eight or nine years ago as we tried to do some Jesus Film projections in different cities, we were met with a lot of resistance. In fact we had situations where some of our Jesus Film workers we chased out of town by mobs,” Gill says.

That attitude appears to have changed, but Gill says there may only be a short window because Bulgaria will be joining the European Union next year. “I think as you look at Western Europe there’s such a political correct sensitivity where they don’t want to offend people of other religious backgrounds. There seems to be limitations on what Christians can do — what kind of voice they can have in their community.”

Gill says the church in Bulgaria has become very inwardly focused and they’re doing something about that. “We’re challenging people inside the church to make a list of at least 10 friends, family, relatives, and colleagues that they might be able to invite to the film. And, we’re giving them special invitations so they can invite those people and then walk with them through the follow up process and eventually to help them to get involved in the local church.”

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