The story of the multi-tasking t-shirt.

By July 15, 2013

International (EFCA/MNN) – Where do fashion, God’s fingerprints and neon yellow intersect?

With Reach Global (Evangelical Church of America). It’s a new campaign they’ve launched to raise both funds and awareness for their child sponsorship program, called GlobalFingerprints.

Partnered with the local church, the program provides underprivileged children hope through the opportunity to go to school, receive medical care, hear God’s word, and learn how much God loves them…and the transformation leaves a mark…the fingerprint of God, so to speak.

Back to the t-shirts: at EFCA gatherings, there will be people sporting bright yellow T-shirts efcatshirtwith a big red fingerprint on the front. While not particularly cool, that’s not really the point. Getting kids sponsored, IS.

With every purchase of this shirt, a percentage goes directly into the GlobalFingerprints “gap” fund. What’s a “gap” fund? It’s money set aside for GlobalFingerprints kids who have had sponsors in the past, but for one reason or another were dropped.

Rather than pull the rug out from beneath them, it is EFCA’s goal to keep these kids in school, well-fed, and provided for until they get sponsored again.

The shirts provide talking points–one more opportunity out there to help youth in poverty get daily meals, education, discipling relationships, and medical attention…that’s a lot packed into sponsoring a child for $35/month in Congo, Haiti, India, Liberia or Zambia.

What it boils down to is that these t-shirts are keeping kids in school, and that is the epitome of cool.

Just in case you’re not convinced yellow is your color, Reach Global is going for strength in numbers. They’re encouraging people who buy the GlobalFingerprints Tee to show off how great you look in it. Here’s how it works:

1. Buy a shirt.
2. Post a picture on EFCA’s Facebook page of you wearing it.
3. They’ll send you another shirt to give to a friend.

So wear this t-shirt. It packs a wallop of a message to share with your friends. Talk about it. Share it, and ask the Father to provide sponsors for these youth.


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