The summer of floods: high waters now strike Mexico

By September 7, 2010

Mexico (MNN) — Floods in Pakistan displacing millions. Floods in India destroying homes. Floods in Gambia adding to the disaster of famine. When it seems like the earth cannot possibly harbor any more rain, high waters strike again, this time in Mexico.

In the past few months, Compassion International has been forced to temporarily shut down child development centers in India for flooding. They also have had children affected by floods in Burkina Faso. Now, a natural disaster has shut down centers again as heavy rains strike Mexico, as well.

In the neighboring Mexican states of Veracruz and Oaxaca, heavy rains have affected a total of six Compassion-assisted child development centers. In Veracruz, flooding has temporarily ceased all activity at center ME-777. One center in the state, ME-881, has now become home to four families who have been displaced from their homes due to flooding. Center ME-882 is on alert.

The trouble in Oaxaca is even worse. The flooding of four rivers has caused significant damage to many homes and buildings. Three Compassion-assisted child development centers in the state–centers ME-836, ME-838 and ME-839–have reported families who have lost possessions and who have experienced damage to their homes. Some children have also fallen ill from the floods. As of right now, ME-836 is the worst off in Oaxaca and has suffered the most.

Compassion Mexico will continue to update Compassion International via their Web site. Anyone whose Compassion-sponsored child has been affected by the flooding will be contacted by Compassion International.

Please pray for the many families who have lost possessions and suffered damage to their homes. These are families who are already struggling, and now they have even less to their names. Pray that the flooding would stop, but also that this would be an opportunity for families and children to cling to Christ as their only hope. Pray that their faith in God's provision would be a testimony to others affected around them.

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