The U.S. observes Native American Heritage Month

By November 23, 2022

United States (MNN) — Each November, the United States observes Native American Heritage Month.

It’s a time to recognize the achievements and culture of Native Americans. But it’s also a time to remember that the U.S. government has often broken treaties and forced cultural assimilation on First Peoples. Read more at

Brad Hutchcraft with Ron Hutchcraft Ministries says that in November, we “celebrate the rich histories, diverse cultures, and important contributions of our nation’s first people. What we love is right now, we get to celebrate some of those who are with us for several months. We get to celebrate with them not just their past but also the future of what the Lord is doing in their lives.”

Training program

These six young Gospel workers are going through a nine-month training program in the On Eagles Wings Leadership Center. They identify both as Native Americans and followers of God. Their mission is to share the story of Jesus on reservations and in Native American communities around the country.

Ask God to strengthen them. Hutchcraft says, “As people walk through the month of November or sit down at the Thanksgiving table, our prayer would be that people take a few moments and say, ‘Really, What is God doing in Native America? Who are these incredible Native American people? And what is their history?”

“And then they can say, ‘Wow, we can be part of the future of these leaders.’”



Header photo courtesy of On Eagles’ Wings/Ron Hutchcraft Ministries.

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