The underground seminary keeps church growth healthy

By February 11, 2010

Middle East (MNN) — You're familiar with the underground
church of the Middle East. But a church
needs a pastor.

According to E3 Partners, the
persecution of believers in the Middle East is the worst that the church has
experienced in the past twenty years, so where does the pastor of an underground church get training? At an underground seminary, of course. 

E3 Partners and the International Training Institute are
providing a seminary level education and training to help first generation
Christians be effective leaders in the underground church.

Does it work? Pastor
Jamal seems to think so. E3 posted a
letter sent on behalf of the entire e3 Middle East Team. He writes, "Thank you brothers and sisters in
America for praying for us. We are your family in Christ, and God has called us
to have the privilege of serving Jesus here in this dangerous region. Thank you
also for helping us train young pastors that will be the leaders of the
underground church. We love you and know that our Father in Heaven has heard
your faithful prayers and will use your gifts to help us reach the Islamic

Training is the key. E3 has ministry training centers around the
MECA (Middle East and Central Asia) region in addition to the seminary level
courses so national leaders can learn within their own country.

This year, the ministry hopes to see hundreds of new
churches planted across the region. Their vision is that these churches
help change nations by bringing life in Christ to every village and city within
the Middle East and Central Asia.

It costs just $300 to see a pastor through the course. Click here to support a pastor, or to find
out more.   

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