The waves of anti-Christian violence continue to spread in India

By October 6, 2008

India (MNN) — Violence
continues to escalate in India, recently resulting in death for three
Christians in Orissa.

The attacks began on August 22 when a celebrated Hindu
leader died. Since then, Hindu extremists have killed at least 30 believers
and continue to pursue Christians in the hopes of either converting or
eliminating them.

The three Christians killed were a part of an attack on
three separate villages. The extremists burned down 150 homes to add to the
hundreds already destroyed.

Similar attacks are happening in other Indian villages. On
Wednesday in Uttar Pradesh a Bridge of Hope center was targeted, and the local
church pastor was severely beaten.

Hindu extremists have also been looking to turn Christians
to Hinduism by holding knives to their throats. One man who refused to deny Christ
was murdered by the extremists. Another man was badly beaten.

Remarkably, these attacks have not swayed the faith of
Indian Christians. Juria Bardhan, state leader of Orissa for Gospel for Asia, is confident
that God is using these evil acts to build His kingdom. Bardhan and the other
pastors in the area are ready and willing to die for their faith; many of them
having been pursued already. They are certain that martyrdom will only bring
more people to Christ.

The attacks are not expected to end any time soon. In the
meantime, continue to intercede through prayer for our brothers and sisters in

To see a list of Juria's specific prayer requests and more about the
story, click here.

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